Lessons for kids and teenagers

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Lessons for Kids and Teenagers

English lessons are held from September to mid-June, except during vacation periods.
During the vacation breaks, we offer extra training. Please contact us for further information.

Hours : Monday to Friday from 8am to 7:30pm.
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Training during school breaks:

Stages : Groups are formed according to level

Organization :
These lessons are made up of small groups of three to five students. For mini-groups of 2 students, please contact us for more information about fees.
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Adult training

English Unlimited provides English lessons – by phone and/or individual/group lessons face to face. We take pride in personalizing the lesson so that they are adapted to the level and the objectives of each trainee covering the essential needs of grammar, specialized vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. The teacher develops with the student an English adapted to the student’s business needs.
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Courses for Adults and Companies

CPF Compte Personnel de Formation (Personal Training)

Who is eligible :
All employees are allowed to have personal training using their CPF.
A full-time employee is entitled to 24 hours per year for 5 years and then 12 hours per year up to a maximum limit of 150 hours.
A part-time employee accumulates 12 hours per year, up to a maximum limit of 150 hours.
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Information about lessons

These lessons are made up of small groups of three to five students. For mini-groups of 2 students, please contact us for more information about fees.

Les cours ont une durée de 60/90 minutes et sont adaptés au niveau de l’enfant. The lessons including grammar/vocabulary/oral expression and oral comprehension are taught in a friendly and educational environment.

Please contact us for our price list.

Information about training

From Monday to Friday
From 9am to 12pm
From 2pm to 3pm

Price for the five-day training course:
275€ per student for the 15 hours.

As soon as the training is confirmed, full payment will be required.

*PS : In the event of cancellation on your behalf, the amount paid will not be refunded.
In the event of cancellation on my behalf for lack of sufficient number of participants, the amount paid will be refunded.

Information about Adult training

An innovation and a plus, English Unlimited created Unlimited notes, a detailed summary of the different points covered, which the student receives by e-mail at the end of each lesson. This tried and tested method allows the student to rapidly acquire the necessary skills to express himself easily in English.

Please contact us for our price list.

Information about the CPF

Certification :
At the end of the training, you will need to take a test, Bulats or TOEIC to validate your training. A certificate will be given after completion of the test.
Bulats code 131205 • TOEIC code 131204
(Partnership with accredited schools)

For trainings during working hours, please contact your employer.
For trainings, outside of working hours, you are allowed to use your CPF without any approval from your employer. You need to tick the boxes “Independent” and “confidential”.

For further information, please refer to the following websites:



Certified number for training: 93060466906
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Information on Translations


English Unlimited proposes translations of websites • proofreading • CVs • texts in French and in English.

For further information about translations just pick up the phone and contact us today!

Profesional References :
• Translated book Promenade des Anglais… La Belle Epoque des Villas by Jean-Luc Cuillet Publisher -Baie des Anges, 2006
• Accor Group various translations
• Lenôtre various translations
• Le Cube website
• Retirement home-Azalées Brussels website
• Philimi website
• Chef Fabrice Lefevre – menus
• Real Estate Agency Octantimmo 2018 website
• Divers CVs


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